Khanchi Pvt. Industrial Training Institute provides scholarship scheme for students under PMKRY

Scholarship Under PMKRY

Name Of The TraineeFather NameTrade
 Akshay Kumar  Sh. Bhag Singh  Electrician Unit II
 Abhinave  Sh. Chain Singh  Electrician Unit II
 Hardeep  Sh. Karan Singh  Electrician Unit II
 Arvind Sharma  Sh. Raj Kumar  Electrician Unit II
 Rishave Thakur  Sh. Sanjay Kumar  Electrician Unit II
 Rajat  Sh. Chhune Ram  Electrician Unit II
 Sagar Raj  Sh. Megh Raj  Electrician Unit II
 Vikas Kumar  Sh. Satish Kumar  Electrician Unit II
 Vishal Sharma  Sh. Suneet Kumar  Electrician Unit II
 Vikas Kumar  Sh. Subhash Chand  Electrician Unit II
 Aman Kumar  Sh. Saroop Lal  Electrician Unit II
 Sahil Kumar  Sh. Kartar Singh  Electrician Unit II
 Akshay Kumar  Sh. Hans Raj  Electrician Unit II
 Amit Kumar  Sh. Subhash Chand  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Pradeep Kumar  Sh. Shiv Dyal   Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Govind Aingh  Sh. Kewal Singh  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Karan Kumar  Sh. Tilak Chand  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Nitin Kumar  Sh. Chuhar Singh  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Rohit Kumar  Sh. Madan Lal  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Sachin Choudhary  Sh. Ashwani Kumar  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Sanjay Kumar  Sh. Parkash Chand  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Vicky Kumar  Sh. Ram Sawroop  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Vinay Kumar  Sh. Sahib Singh  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Vipan Kumar  Sh. Anil Kumar  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Sachin Kumar Garla  Sh. Pawan Kumar  Electrician Unit II (Old)
 Ajay Singh  Sh. Baldev Raj  Electrician Unit I
 Akshay Kumar  Sh. Karam Chand  Electrician Unit I
 Apoorav  Sh. Aashok Kumar  Electrician Unit I
 Abhishek Kumar  Sh. Ramesh Chand  Electrician Unit I
 Jatin Rana  Sh. Daljeet Singh  Electrician Unit I
 Manish Kumar  Sh. Vinod Kumar  Electrician Unit I
 Reshav Kumar  Sh. Kishani Lal  Electrician Unit I
 Shubham  Sh. Satish Kumar  Electrician Unit I
 Arun Spehiya  Sh. Satish Spehiya  Electrician Unit I
 Sahil Kumar  Sh. Raghubir Singh  Electrician Unit I
 Rohit Kumar  Sh. Pyar Singh  Electrician Unit I
 Sourav Bhyal  Sh. Chaman Lal  Electrician Unit I
 Pankaj Thakur  Sh. Munshi Ram  Electrician Unit I
 Kashmir Chand  Sh. Praveen Kumar  Electrician Unit I
 Robin Kumar  Sh. Om Parkash  Electrician Unit I

 Scholarship Under Khanchi

 Arun Singh  Sh. Babu Ram  Plumber I
 Ashish Kumar  Sh. Dharam Pal  Plumber I
 Chaman Lal  Sh. Kewal Singh  Plumber I
 Kamal  Sh. Saran Das  Plumber I
 Keshav Singh  Sh. Kamlesh Kumar  Plumber I
 Kuldeep Singh  Sh. Harnam Singh  Plumber I
 Kaku  Sh. Roshan Deen  Plumber I
 Madan Lal  Sh. Kartar Chand  Plumber I
 Suraj  Sh. Jagdish  Plumber I
 Surender Kumar  Sh. Bansu Ram  Plumber I
 Shubham Kumar  Sh. Jagdish Kumar  Plumber II
 Vivek Kumar  Sh. Kishore Chand  Plumber II
 Om Parkash  Sh. Amar Singh  Plumber II
 Mohit Kumar  Sh. Kewal Singh  Plumber II
 Vikas  Sh. Bharat Singh  Plumber II
 Vivek Kumar  Sh. Ramesh Chand  Plumber II
 Rajat Kumar  Sh. Hrbans Kumar  Plumber II
 Ravi Kumar  Sh. Om Raj  Plumber II
 Rishav Kumar  Sh. Bhddhi Singh  Plumber II
 Akshay Kumar  Sh. Karnal Singh  Plumber II

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