General Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

The Trainees are required to follow the rules and regulations of the institute Discipline of the institute should be strictly followed. Fine of rs. 5/- will charged in case of absentees for half day and Rs.10/ for full day Trainees having attendances Less than 80% will not be eligible to appear in the All India Final Trader Test. Trainees should handle machinery and equipment with care and in case of any damage due to negligence of the trainees: he/she has to bear the damages. Trade once allotted will not be Changed under any circumstances. The institution will not responsible for any mishappening accruing in the institution, workshop or in the Laboratory. The trainees must care of their training . in case the trainees does not show any satisfactory improvement after warnings, he, she will be expelled from the training. The Trainees should abbey the order of the officers in case he fails to do so he will be fined or expelled from the institution. The trainees found involved in any upward activity such as smoking, drinking gambling, misbehaving with other trainees and staff within the premises of the institution, will be dealt strictly. The trainees must produce authentic certificates at the time of admission in case of any kind tampering with the certificates is found at any stage , the training will be cancelled and legal action will be taken. If Police case is registered against any trainee during the period of training, the principal, Khanchi ITI will have full right to expel the trainee immediately from the training. If trainees remain absent continuously for 10 days without prior intimation his/her name will be struck off from the training. For re-admission the trainee has to pay Rs. 500/- All the disputes will be dealt within the jurisdiction of Kangra only. Note:- This Prospectus is only Meant for information and not for any Legal Purpose.

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